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  • Club Rules and Constitution



    The Club shall be called Town Gardens Bowling Club and its Registered Office shall be the Town Gardens Pavilion, Quarry Road or such other place as a majority of the members shall determine.
    The object of the Club is to provide its members with the facilities for playing the game of bowls.
    The Club will seek to work with Swindon Council and other bodies to promote, develop and implement policies that aid participation in bowls. This applies particularly to disadvantaged groups such as some young people, disabled people etc.. The Club will aim to organise its management and control so as to allow all members
    the opportunity to influence all Committee decisions.
    The Club Committee will seek to operate so as to give all eligible members the chance for election.
    The Committee will offer equal representation to male and female members to give a balanced approach to Club decisions.


    A candidate for membership shall be nominated by two members (with at least 6 months membership). Notice of such nomination (which shall include name and address of the candidate) shall be posted in the Club Registered Office at least seven days before election. A roll of membership shall be held at the office.


    a) The subscription for members shall be determined by members of the Club at the Pre Season general meeting.
    b) All subscriptions to be payable on election or by the first day of the season in every subsequent year.
    c) Where there has been meritous service to the Club the Management Committee may recommend to members that this should be recognised by awarding honorary life membership.
    Honorary Life Members if continuing to play or act as Markers must be affiliated to County and Bowls England in order to remain covered by Insurance.
    (Committee decided that Club would pay Life Members affiliation fees)
    d) Membership will be allowed for juniors (10-17 years) but between the ages of 10-15 years they must be accompanied by an adult when playing.


    Matters arising under this heading will be covered as in Rule 16.


    Societies and other organisations wishing to use the green for any game of bowls must notify the Fixture Secretary in writing. Applicable green fees to be paid by arrangement.


    a) The Club will be opened and closed at times determined by the Management within the limits of the contract with the Town Council.
    b) The Club bar will be opened and closed at times determined by the Management within the permitted laws laid down by the Licensing Acts then in force.


    a) The Management of the Club will be conducted by a Committee comprising:-
    (1) President* (2) Treasurer* (3) Mens Secretary (4) Ladies Secretary (5) Ladies Captain (6) Mens Captain (7) Fixtures Secretary* (8) Competition Secretary*          (9) Social Secretary* (10) Friendly Captain*
    * These positions are all open to female and male nominations. A member may not hold more than one position on the Committee.
    Members seeking nomination for the posts of President, Treasurer or Club Secretary must have been a member of the Club for at least 3 years.
    b) The above shall all retire and be eligible for re-election at the next Annual General Meeting. In the event of more than one nominee for any one position, a postal vote will be held of all members. For votes to be eligible for counting they must be with the Secretary by the start of the AGM.
    c) The Committee will meet as necessary during the close season and monthly during the playing season, which meeting will be called by the Club Secretary. The date to be posted on the notice board at least 7 days before the meeting.
    d) Five members of the Committee are required to form a quorum.
    e) Minutes of all meetings to be recorded in a Minute book.
    f) The Club Secretary may be either the Ladies Secretary or the Mens Secretary and should be determined by the membership at each Annual General Meeting. The female of male elected as Club Secretary should be designated “Club/Ladies” Secretary or “Club/Mens” Secretary as appropriate.


    Three Trustees comprising the President, Treasurer and Club Secretary are appointed to represent the Club in all technical matters including the License of the green from Swindon BC and bar licensing authorities.


    a) The date of the Annual General Meeting will be arranged by fourteen days notice, to be given to all members complete with agenda.
    b) The financial year will end on the last day of September and the Annual General Meeting will be held at least six weeks after the end of the financial year.
    c) An Extraordinary General Meeting may be convened by the Management under the same rules as 9(a).
    d) A special meeting may be convened at any time upon receipt in writing, signed by no less than ten members setting forth the reason for the request.


    The Rules may be amended by a majority of members present at the Annual General Meeting, or Extraordinary General Meeting convened for that purpose, and notice of any amendment shall be given to the Secretary at least 21 days prior to the meeting.


    Members selected to play in any match but unable to do so MUST advise Team Captain immediately.


    This will be laid down by the E.B.A. and E.W.B.A. rules


    a) Green mat protectors must be used when conditions deem it necessary.
    b) All equipment must be returned to the Clubhouse at end of play. In League and Friendly matches it is the responsibility of the Skips to ensure (a) and (b) are complied with.
    c) No equipment, furniture or fittings which the Club is responsible for may be removed from the Club without permission of a Trustee.
    d) All trophies remain the property of the Club and should be returned by Finals Day each year.

    14. AUDITOR

    An Auditor will be elected at the Annual General Meeting. That person cannot be a member of the Committee.


    A decision to wind up the Club shall require a majority of two-thirds of the voting members present and voting at an AGM or EGM convened for that purpose. In the event of liquidation of Town Gardens BC the funds and assets of Town Gardens BC remaining after payment and satisfaction of its debts and liabilities, and the cost and expense of liquidation shall not be paid or distributed amongst the Members of the Club, but shall be given or transferred to some other voluntary organisation. The President, Club Treasurer and Club Secretary in office at the time of dissolution will administer the above dissolution. Should any or all of the three named Officers not be available to administer the dissolution, then up to three current members of the Club will be elected in their place at the AGM/EGM.
    (The £250.00 in the Social account belongs to Club funds, other monies in this account at time of dissolution shall be repaid to members).


    The Club/Association follows the Bowls England Regulations for the following items of :-
    Anti Doping
    Children and Vulnerable Adults
    Discrimination, Equal Opportunities and Human Rights
    Health and Safety
    Insurance and Identification
    Misconduct, Suspension and Exclusion of Member
    Amended 23rd March 2013.

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